A downloadable game for Windows

You're the last humanoid robot. 

Elminate the androids as many as you can.

You can only take 2 hit damage.

WASD MOUSE - movement

LMB - Slash

RMB - Dodge


SHIFT - Sprint

R - Restart



(can't be defeated yet)

It's a school project.

work with 4 classmates, took us a mouth.

Install instructions

Download the.zip folder and locate it on your PC.

Right click on it and select "Extract All."


BLADE.rar 57 MB


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Really good work with the visuals, especially the opening titles look really nice and professionally made even. The in-game graphics have details and also the interesting black outlines -look, even though it may not always work visually. The game itself feels difficult to approach at first, you survive a few seconds and then something kills you, but with some practice it gets better.

I'd like to invite this game to our contest, the Game Development World Championship!

Some parts I really loved and others not so much. The movement was generally really satisfying with the flow of it all just feeling great. Running from swing to swing between enemies with a hit and run style was just fun! But some of the enemies have attacks that are extremely difficult to predict or seemed to hurt me no matter what happened, given how little health you have, it made for some really frustrating moments. This is a really solid foundation, but I think the game needs to play a little more towards some of the strengths it has already rather than some of the current weaknesses. Solid demo!

Great game, i loved the art style and the frenetic pace, thanks for letting us play it.  I did a play thru of it, i hope you don't mind

Woh, thx for playing!

No problem, thanks for posting the game up for us to play!